Wish for perfect English?
The EngWish methodolgy
The EngWish methodology of teaching English has been developed by course professor Edward G. Owen and follows a system of language teaching from the ground up, from beginner through to advanced, using over one-hundred concise, key grammar lessons. The course utilises an advanced, online study platform that is uniquely designed for comfort and convenience - providing learners with the opportunity to learn directly with native English teachers. EngWish provides the missing link between busy, modern, international learner and native, university-educated English teacher!

Regardless of a student's current level of English or previous English certification, it is believed that starting from the beginning of the course at A1 (beginner) level will prove most beneficial to the student long-term in developing and maintaining total fluency. Many international learners of English have developed "bad habits" that are rarely repaired due to the student's desire to study directly and rapidly at the highest level in order to overcome an immediate obstacle with a "quick solution", for example a promotion at work or a university placement. This common approach may provide a certificate or a badge of honour in the short-term; however, unfortunately, it does not provide nor guarantee fluency, which should be the real aim of every serious langauge student. The EngWish methodology recognises that the authentic acquisition of language is not a process that can be hand-picked nor chosen at will and therefore starts from the foundations and either builds or rebuilds on student knowledge. Because time is in short supply for the majoriy of modern-day learners, the EngWish course lessons are designed to be informative but as concise as possible.

In a large percentage of cases, non-native, international learners of English have studied English at school or university with a non-native English teacher who taught his or her own "bad habits" in class. For example, according to Edward, it is not uncommon for even advanced (C1) or proficient (C2) level students to have some minor problems even pronouncing some letters of the alphabet correctly at times, for example when asked to spell their names; yet the same students often wish to study at advanced level and consider themselves advanced-level students. This is largely due to a lack of patience and the result of common misconceptions sold by self-serving academies and institutes that promise to deliver the world while in reality delivering very little. If a student wishes to develop total, genuine fluency, the EngWish methodology provides a concrete solution and a reliable route that is easily followed if the student maintains a consistent, dedicated attitude.

Total guidance is given to all students on the course and, when followed, using the online platform, students undertaking the course can see the correction of their errors, or changes to their English, made by course teachers, therefore learning from their own mistakes in a manner that is truly compatible with the digital and modern-day world. All students on the course have the same target in mind: advanced level English, and all students on the course, regardless of their current levels, start at the same level: the beginning. With the EngWish methodology, the sole focus is on the indvidual student's needs and, therefore, all lessons and coursework are orientated towards the individual student, not the group as is the case in most "offline" academies. Using the EngWish strategy, in the same time that a student would typically complete a single year of study of a single level of English in a standard-style, offline academy, the EngWish methodology is able to teach an entire, beginner-to-advanced course due to its easily accessible nature and concise system of grammar teaching that is ready to deliver when the student is ready to learn. The course requires only three skills, which are possessed by all great achievers in life: consistency, self-belief, and dedication.

The final question is simple: wish for perfect English? EngWish!