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Terms and conditions of use
Below are set out the terms and conditions of use that a user (you) accepts upon registering at, and upon using at any moment, EngWish.com. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment and it is the responsibility of the user (you) to remain informed as to any such changes.

Age restrictions
All users of EngWish.com must be 16 years old or older or must have the full consent of a parent or guardian to use EngWish.com. Users below the age of 16 also require the continuous guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian who is aged 18 or older. By creating and using an EngWish.com account, the user declares that he or she is fully aware of these age restrictions and respects such conditions. The user accepts the full responsibility that this criteria has been met at all times when using EngWish.com.
Protection of data
Users' personal details, such as e-mail address and any other information provided, are never shared with any third-parties. EngWish.com may periodically send users e-mail notifications that remind them when they are required to submit new coursework as part of their study programme. Such e-mail notifications, however, can be deactivated easily at any time within the Settings area.
Coursework correction times
The correction of homework and exams by the teacher is not subject to any particular time limit: the teacher correcting a user's work has the right to take the required time in order to perform the work as deemed necessary by the teacher. Homework and exams for correction that are submitted by all users are subject to a system of queuing. Users' work will be corrected on a first-come-first-served basis. While submission of new coursework is available instantly for VIP students and paid audio students, this is based on the condition that the correction of any previous coursework has been first performed by course teachers. A general guide is that homework is corrected in under 48 hours and exams are corrected in under 7 days; however, these times may vary and correction times can sometimes be more or less than that what is typical.

User profile data privacy
Users' profile information will never be made visible to other users. Users' profile information will never be sold nor passed to any third-parties. Some details entered at EngWish.com, specifically - names and English level, are visible to the user, the teacher and those people who the user decides to show by sharing his or her certificate URL.

Profile decency and appropriateness
Profile pictures, names and other public information uploaded by users should not contain any inappropriate imagery or content. Inappropriate is deemed as pornographic, extremely violent, or hate-related content. Users who breech this condition will be subject to immediate termination of service without warning and, in extreme cases, may be reported to the police.

Hours of service
EngWish.com operates on London Time, i.e. Greenwich Mean Time. EngWish.com, the online service, is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, providing there are no technical errors beyond the control of EngWish.com, such as server or website code malfunction, or server downtime. During active service, a native English teacher will be available to provide his or her services periodically throughout the entire day from Monday to Friday. When a teacher is not online, the website, its services and the course will still remain fully accessible.

Termination of service
EngWish.com reserves the right to terminate or suspend service of any user who is found to be demonstrating inappropriate conduct. Inappropriate conduct is deemed as the displaying of inappropriate profile data (see above) or the publishing of offensive textual data. EngWish.com also reserves the right to terminate or suspend service of any user who is found to be manipulating and abusing the account registration system in order to manipulate and bypass learner restrictions. Loss of service, including paid services, will not be reimbursed financially in any way to any user who has his or her account terminated as a result of misconduct.
Protection of data
Textual data submitted for proofreading will never be made intentionally visible to the public by EngWish.com. EngWish.com takes various security measures in order to safeguard the privacy of its users; however, should these safeguards fail, due to security breech or malfunction for example, EngWish.com nor any of its teachers can be held accountable for the damages caused by the leaking, loss of or exposure of any sensitive data that was submitted for text correction.
Termination of account
EngWish.com reserves the right to terminate all user accounts that are deemed to be duplicate accounts of the same individual or IP address. It is strictly forbidden to create multiple accounts with the intention of manipulating any of the safeguarding security measures at EngWish.com that can be found in any of its services. Loss of VIP membership or any other paid service due to such misconduct will not be eligible for refund. In addition, any user who conducts himself or herself inappropriately while interacting with a member of EngWish.com staff will be subject to permanent account termination. Inappropriate conduct is regarded as the use of potentially offensive or inappropriate language and/or the use of any inappropriate imagery.
VIP membership
EngWish.com teachers will provide additional services to all VIP membership users in accordance with a policy of "fair usage". This means that servives, such as grammar explanations and teacher chat, will be provided to the point that the teacher deems appropriate. If a student abuses such services in an attempt to gain an exessive amount of support in a manner that is deemed to be abusive or inappropropriate, the teacher reserves the right to not provide any further correspondence regarding that particular point or course topic. Those users with unlimited VIP membership can receive unlimited service of all audio playback and certificate verification; however, the duration of other services that are dependent on course participation, such as homework correction, are unlimited to the point of course completion. In addition, all course advantages granted by VIP membership are effective from the start of the membership period and not before.
Refund policy
Refunds can be requested within 7 days of initial payment for a refund of 50% of initial payment if services are not to the user's satisfaction. Due to the digital nature of EngWish products and in an attempt to prevent fraud, 50% of the initial payment will be retained in exchange for the product delivered, which is typically non-returnable due to its digital nature. Refunds must be requested by e-mail at mail@engwish.com.