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Frequently asked questions
What is EngWish?
EngWish is an English language service provider that helps students from around the world learn English with the help and personal dedication of native English professors. This is provided in an online (free course) and offline (low-cost course) environment. EngWish also provides English text correction, i.e. proofreading, by natives to give international users help and assurance that users' written English is 100% accurate, free from errors and grammatically correct!

Why is EngWish free?
EngWish is run and managed by native English teachers who genuinely love teaching English and volunteer in their free time to help learners reach their goals. As any teacher knows, seeing students progress is one of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of the job. This may come as a surprise to many people and is one of the reasons users may initially find it difficult to believe, or may regard EngWish as "too good to be true", because EngWish can provide such high-quality language education for free. Usually, "free" means "to compromise", but, at EngWish, this is certainly not the case! Some advertisements are also displayed during lessons, for non VIP students, in order to cover some basic running costs.

Why is VIP Membership not free?
While teachers at EngWish are happy to teach for free voluntarily, financially, they are not able to pay for the expensive costs of maintaining the EngWish.com website. For those who may not know, a website (and the Android app) requires a server, which can cost hundreds of pounds every month. A website also requires security, i.e. an SSL certificate, which, again, costs money every year. A website also requires web designers, graphics designers and programmers to update, maintain and sustain the service and fix problems as they occur. Not everyone can work for free! In order to help reimburse the costs that EngWish must pay, VIP services and additional services are offered to our students. These special benefits provide learners with extra study freedom, exclusive help and additional teaching at unbelievably low costs while, at the same time, helping EngWish to cover the costs of running EngWish.com!

Can I change the grade on my certificate?
The grade shown on a course certificate is not final until the course has been completed. The grade shown is an average grade. This means that if a student receives a low grade for some, particular coursework, receiving better grades later will increase the grade shown on the certificate.

Can I retake coursework?
No. Stagnation on the course is not encouraged as this can prevent development. It is also unfair to retake a lesson and be regraded after learning one's errors. Low grades are designed, therefore, to remind students that next time, they should pay more attention. Knowing that they can retake lessons will ultimately remove the sense of seriousness from studying and hinders progress as opposed to enhancing it.

I finished the course, now what?
On course completion, students are encouraged to start again. Even students with a 100% A* record may learn something new on the second run.

How can I start the course again?
To request that a student's progress is reset, a student should contact EngWish via e-mail as this process is not made easily accessible via user settings. EngWish does not encourage nor permit students to reset their course progress themselves in the middle of course completion. The exception to this rule is a student starting the course again after having first completed 100% of the course, in which case they should request a reset by contacting us. Lessons are to be learnt for a reason and low grades, for example, are an important reminder that we should work harder next time!

Does everyone pass on the course?
There is no "pass" or "fail" with the EngWish methodology. Instead, there is "complete" and "incomplete". The EngWish English learning system can be thought of as a journey, much like climbing a mountain, and, therefore, every student has obstacles to pass and overcome. On each certificate the progress of a student on their journey can be seen, together with a student's average grade.

Are payments secure?
Payments are made using PayPal. This means that your credit or debit card details are never shown to EngWish. PayPal is the world's most secure and trusted online payment provider that is famous internationally for its security, reliability and trusted status. Simply Google search "PayPal" if in doubt!

I don't have a PayPal account, what now?
Using PayPal as a guest does not require users to have a PayPal account, which is a common misconception, so yes, you can use PayPal too!

Do you have more questions? Please let us know at enquiries@engwish.com.