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English certification
A certificate obtained by a student on an EngWish English course can be published and shared using a unique link. The modern, digital certificate is generated by the EngWish.com server, of which the named student has no control, and, therefore, serves as a more indisputable and tamper-proof form of certification than a traditional paper-based certificate.

The English assessor
Any assessment of a student's English level is made by a qualified, university-graduated and TEFL-experienced mother-tongue teacher who is native to England, the United States of America, Canada or Australia. The name and photograph of the assessor is displayed clearly on each student certificate and full university references of teachers, including university contact telephone numbers, references, physical addresses and other credentials can be provided upon request.

English level scoring
A student's general English level is assessed on the basis of course participation when exams are taken. Student course performance will be taken into consideration including reading, writing, listening and grammar knowledge. Levels are scored in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Speaking grade
In addition to the generaL assessment of a student's level, a student's speaking ability is also assessed using EngWish's SPEAK! service, which is used to determine speaking fluency. Speaking grades are summarised as follows:

Grade Performance Accuracy
A* Perfect 99% >
A Excellent 95% >
B Very good 85% >
C Good 75% >
D Satisfactory 60% >
F Unsatisfactory < 60%

Certificate verification
A student has the option to verify his or her certificate and change a certificate status from unverified to verified:

Verification is made possible when a student purchases any one of three paid services from the EngWish Shop. These services are VIP Membership (permanent and non-permanent verification), an audio course (permanent verification), or, directly, certificate verification (permanent verification). This added verification allows EngWish.com to perform a background check on the student, based on payment information and other, undisclosed factors, to confirm that the student named on the certificate has obtained the level and score claimed in a legitimate manner.