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Learn English
Learn English with a native, qualified professor. Our free course is open to everyone, everywhere, and offers all that you can expect from a real English academy and more. Study at all levels from beginner to advanced and complete homework that is corrected and scored by the teacher.
Test your English
Test your knowledge of English with specifically designed tests that allow you to practise English and receive critical feedback from the professor. You will discover your weaknesses in grammar as well as writing and you can also take quizzes based on your and others' grammar errors.
Chat in English
Chat with natives and other fellow English learners from around the world. Correct each other's English in order to earn points and learn. Make friends and engage with them in fun debates, games and other exciting chat activities in English.
Check your English
Check your English text for common writing errors and remove them automatically. Fix spelling, grammar, punctuation and other errors with just the click of a mouse, or let an online professor remove your errors manually for 100% asssurance that your text is perfect.